Big AL Bartell (harley1456) wrote in lamarhighschool,
Big AL Bartell

Houston Outdoor Education in Peril

Hello, I am new to this community but I wanted to solicit help from anybody who is willing. I work for Houston ISD's Outdoor Education Center in Trinity Texas. We provide a Camp-like outdoor education experience for Houston's inner city fifth graders free of charge. Click here for more info.

This year's budget leaves us with a $900,000 budget cut. The current plan is to charge students $100 each to come to our center. Although this cost seems nominal, we feel that this system of "pay for services" will leave the most needy of Houston's students out of this wonderful experience.

We are hoping that the state legislature will come up with money to offset this year's salary increases and there might be an option to fund our program fully.

What we are asking for: any former students who have participated in the past 25+ years, or parents of students, or any other concerned citizens voice their support of our program. This link will give you an address to write the school board, or even better, come to a board meeting and say it in person.

Thank you

Al Bartell

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